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    Alfateam LTD
    Rousse 7012
    123 Mutkurova Str.
    tel: +359 82 87 44 87
    fax: +359 82 87 44 87

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  • Repair, modernization and subscription support of existing electrical equipments in firms

  • Manufacturing of electric switchboards and non-standard equipment by request

  • Design, mounting and service of electric controls of fire-alarm and explosive protection systems

  • Delivery, mounting and service of systems for automation and control
    - sensors, transmitters, process-indicators, controllers for:
    weight and force
    pH, conductivity
    expense and others quantity
    - timers, counters, cyclic-regulators, programmable controllers
    - portable and laboratory devices for:
    moisture and humidity
    - data-logger systems /monitoring/ of technological processes

  • Delivery, mounting and service of fire-alarm, burglary alarm and video-surveillance systems, ship automation

  • Testing and repairing of devices for monitoring and measuring electric, temperature quantity, pressure and force

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