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  • Devices for temperature adjustment of ovens, squirts and presses
    - one, two, four, six-channel mono-phase, solid state, proportional controls
    - one, two-channel, three phase, solid state controls
    Option: Programmable inserting by week-watch

  • Network data logger systems for monitoring of technological processes. Control system.
    - control and archiving of the critical parameters by the regulation of GMP and HACC for production and trade of food
    - control and archiving of pasteurization processes
    - control and archiving of the temperature in the cold storage
    - specialize systems, control and archiving of the production sterilization
    - systems for automatic adjustment of pH, DO, ORP, conductivity, level for water treatment

  • Electric switchboards and control for boats and vessels

  • Performance of electric switchboards and control by task

  • Non-standard and stand equipment for measuring of technological quantity and automatic data report

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